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I’d like to start off by apologizing for any cliches that may come up as I write about my trip to New York. I’d also like to remind everyone of the fact that I’m not a writer. I’m just sharing my point of view from what I was able to experience and nothing more. I’m no expert at anything, just some guy with a camera and a blog.

I recently had a chance to travel to New York for a work trip. My girlfriend and I took advantage of the opportunity by planning around my work schedule so she could join me and luckily she was able to take the time off from work. I spent more time working than I anticipated but we still squeezed in some time to walk around and check out a few touristy places.

Side note… I went to New York for a PR event announcing a home line by Larry King and his wife Shawn. The company I work for is the manufacturer partner for the line, so I was there to shoot the event.

This was our first time in New York. We’ve been talking about visiting for a while, and it just so happened that this event came up which made it possible for us to go without necessarily breaking the bank.

Driving into the city was epic. It’s a historic landscape and it was pretty surreal finally seeing it in person. I was half awake at the time since we took a red-eye and I probably slept about an hour altogether. Nevertheless, I was awake enough to be amazed by the view.


My preconception of New York came from a lifetime of television and stories from friends. Everyone talks about how fast-paced it is, local people with strong attitudes (a PC way of saying rude/dick-ish) and all the crazy people on the street. It painted a picture of a place I wasn’t ready to experience… or at the very least it was a place I thought would be too overwhelming.

We’ve been to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Oahu and Orlando. I thought of visiting those places as preparation for visiting New York. Not that those places can really be compared, but for two people who grew up somewhat sheltered (my girlfriend more than I) or without the means for traveling to these destinations (more so myself than her) this was our way of easing into it.

There’s no way to know what New York is like, unless you personally experience New York. My preconceptions were misconceptions. There’s definitely truth to the idea of the fast-paced environment and people being to the point, but it’s not quite like I envisioned.


People of NY walk with purpose. I like that. I compared it to the way I go shopping. My girlfriend will browse through a store for hours on end and can walk out without buying a single thing. Whenever I shop, I get to the store, find the section of the store I’m looking for, grab what I need and then I leave. Straight to the point. I like to think that I blended in with the locals in this regard. At one point I think I even yelled at my own girlfriend to not get in the way of other people while taking pictures. She didn’t take it personal or anything… It’s just New York, you know?

“If you go to New York, you HAVE to eat pizza!” who hasn’t heard that line before? And it’s a fact, the pizza in New York is great. But it wasn’t just the pizza. Everywhere we went had great food; with the exception of a place where I paid too much for a piece of steak I could’ve easily made at home… but let’s not get into that. From the hot dog cart outside our hotel, to the various pizza joints we tried out and even the steakhouse (not the place where I had the overpriced steak) where we shared an enormous steak appropriately named the “Fred Flintstone.” The food didn’t disappoint.

This was the first time we visited a new city and didn’t rent a car. It wouldn’t have made sense. Now, I do have to confess that we didn’t ride the subway. I’ve heard it’s pretty simple to get around, but we opted for cabs and Uber since we didn’t want to get lost and also because we didn’t have to travel very far during our stay. I’m very much used to Las Vegas traffic/driving style. Drivers in Vegas are somewhat terrible, but it could be worse… Cab drivers in New York seem to have lost all notion of lanes. Countless close encounters with cars and pedestrian; who are equally reckless, made for a frightening and entertaining experience around the city.

Sadly, most of our time was spent working… after all, it was a work trip for me. We did some basic touristy things around Manhattan: We visited the One World Trade Center tower and 9/11 Memorial. We walked down Times Square. Took a cab down to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Walked around Central Park. Went down to Grand Central Station. But my favorite part of all was the night we went down to the Comedy Cellar. I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy, so catching a show at the Comedy Cellar was something I really wanted to do and I’m so glad we did.






Every time my girlfriend and I get to the end of our trips, we always ask each other the same question: “would you want to come back?” and for New York, the answer is yes. We enjoyed our time there, and we didn’t get to experience too much outside of Manhattan so I know there is still a lot more to see, and we definitely want to go back but strictly for leisure next time.

Of all the cities we’ve had the pleasure of visiting, I always say that San Diego is the only place outside of Vegas where I would want to live (if I could afford to…) and that still stands. BUT, I like to think of New York as a guilty pleasure. It’s a bit crazy, a bit dirty, and very expensive but it’s also beautiful and full of character. I would be happy to go back and visit any day.

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